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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. steve paulson, i know it was hot in some parts of the bay but it was nice to have warm evenings. >> that is correct. the evenings have been very pleasant, for some. by the coast yesterday might have been chilly. inland temperatures continue to be mild to warm. there is a cool down. temperatures still inland one more day of holding onto those 90s. around the bay most of the south bay, peninsula, upper 70s low 80s. along the coast 60s and 70s. here's sal. steve, right now southbound 101 the big crash is the connector ramp to 92 east. that is blocked here. also southbound 101 right at 92. the freeway not all the lanes but three of the lanes are closed because of this crash. now it is so early there's only a little bit of a back up. not a significant one. they are looking for some people who were involved that ran away from the crash scene. it's going to make it take a little bit longer to get this crash out of the way. also this morning we're looking
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at the commute on 101 san francisco. that looks good. it's 5:00. back to dave and pam. overnight firefighters were busy chasing and putting out grass fires in contra costa county. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from bay point with the reason why these fires may be related to the 4th of july holiday. tara. >> reporter: well, no official word yet on what exactly sparked these fires but witnesses tell us there was a lot of illegal firework activity in this area last night. as you can see by the conditions it's pretty windy out here and this brush is pretty dry as you can tell. if you look across this street we're here off port chicago way near driftwood you can still see the glow of orange embers. a couple have been flickering and falling to the ground. remnants of the blaze crews were tackling early this morning. the fire began around 9:30 last night. crews from contra costa county fire and several other agencies battled the flames until well
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after midnight. firefighters were chasing quite a few wild fires here last night spread out over a mile in different directions. one fire even threatened some buildings off port chicago highway. >> we had a vegetation fire that extended into a garage and apartment building and effected several of those units. >> reporter: crews squelched another fire near willow pass road. drivers and bystanders could see the flames and thick smoke. fire officials say they had to shut down roads in the area while they got the flames under control. everything does appear to be open again. so no delays to speak of. we'll keep you posted. live in bay point, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a fire in pleasant hill damaged two homes. that started just before 1:30 yesterday morning in a home on julian way. the fire also spread to the home next door but fortunately no one was hurt. the woman who lives in the home where the fire started says her home was burglarized just about a month ago and she had just finished replacing her stolen
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property. time is now 5:02. san jose no longer has a big fireworks show on the 4th of july, but some people put on their own illegal displays. now this is what it looked like last night. it's been a tradition every 4th of july to set off fireworks. however the law says anything that flies into the sky or explodes is illegal. san jose's police chief says they don't have the resources to crack down on this activity. >> the most practical approach from our perspective is an educational campaign to tell people it's dangerous you could lose your fingers, your eyes. >> now the police chief says this year fire inspectors and police teams went out into various communities. firefighters also went to schools hoping to get the message across to young people. now illegal fireworks also lit up the sky in the east bay. look at this. our ktvu camera spotted this
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display from skyline road boulevard in oakland about 9:00 last night. oakland is yet another bay area city that did not hold an official fireworks show for the 4th of july. a long drought is raising the risk of devastating wild fires out west this summer. the dry spell is one of the worst in 20 years. and the drought has been a major factor in the disastrous wild fires in arizona and new mexico. now experts warn that extreme fire danger in those states will continue the rest of the summer. fortunately, it has been a very wet year in california especially here in the bay area. well, today a controlled burn is planned for part of marin county depending on weather conditions the burn is scheduled to take place on tara linda ridge. it's being done to get rid of an infestation of barbed goat grass. park rangers say it's a nonnative and invasive weed. time now 5:04. search rescue efforts continue today for the seven missing american fishermen missing
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after their boat sank into the gulf of california. 27 fishermen were on board the boat when it went down during a sunday morning storm. at least one person is confirmed dead. all but one of the fishermen is from northern california. 62-year-old richard of novato is among the survivors though. his wife told us he spent 12 hours bobbing in the water. >> he calls me last night around 9:30, 10:00 and says good how are you doing and he says i'm fine but the boat sank. i said what? and i was just kind of in shock. >> now charles gibson also survived being on that trip. 43-year-old michael lang of belmont made it out alive as well. a sonoma county dive team recovered the body of a man who drowned in the russian river. the 30-year-old was swimming in the river with his girlfriend when they were swept away by a strong current. leon was able to help his girlfriend into a kayak that
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came to rescue them, but he sank below the surface. time now 5:05. san francisco police reporting a rise in union square retail thefts. it's being committed by well- organized crime organizations. according to the san francisco examiner the people involved are shoplifting experts. police say the thieves are stealing merchandise from stores and reselling it out on the streets. the booster, the people who steal the products, carry foil lined bags to avoid the security sensors. others are using fake receipts for cash returns and stolen credit cards to buy things. police say the smaller boutiques are more vulnerable to the crime rings. bart and san francisco police have launched separate investigations into sunday night's fatal shooting at san francisco's civic center bart station. investigators say it began when two officers responded to a call about a drunk man carrying an open container of alcohol on the train platform.
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bart police chief says the two officers immediately found themselves in a very dangerous situation. >> the guy's armed with a knife. guy used a bottle as a weapon. one of our officers is injured. our officers used the force they felt was necessary in defense of their lives. >> i hope it's one of those things that they did it as a last resort you know. they really had no other options kind of i hope. >> well, one officer was armed with a taser but apparently chose to not use it. investigators have still not released the name of the man killed. time now 5:07. today the u.s. senate gets back to work on a national debt reduction plan. they've got four weeks to raise the national debt ceiling or the government will be in default for the very first time. coming up at 5:15 we'll bring you a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on what the white house is reportedly offering to get republicans to cooperate. well, this morning san francisco park trust is getting
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a large gift, coca-cola is said to donate a $250,000 donation to the organization. the money will help build a new trail in golden gate park. they will also provide equipment for new recreation programs around the city including mountain biking, kayaking and skateboarding. sounds good. >> yeah. time now 5:07. sal, what you're dealing with doesn't sound good. you're already busy. >> that's right. southbound 101 dave and pam blocking highway 92 right at the 92 interchange. there's a crash there. and some of the ramps may also be effected. so if you're driving near the area expect a delay now. it is pretty early and the delay isn't that big. but it's right there 101 at 92 and the police are there along with the fire department and medics. moving along and taking a look at the westbound bay bridge approach. that looks nice so far getting into san francisco on this tuesday that feels like a monday. and the morning commute looks good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. 0:08. let's go to steve.
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thank you, sal. we have some low clouds around making a bit of a push inland. yesterday coast, much of the bay peninsula cooled off. many areas inland still going to be in the 90s. probably tomorrow will be the day. i think today's the day where it's kind of a push if you're near the coast it won't be that warm. if you are inland then it will be warm to hot. low clouds, clear, 52 to 62 noon. 58 to 84 for some it will be a gray day for others it will be warm and getting very warm. 60 to 96. cool to warm depending on any proximity to the west or inland if your over the coastal hills it will be another warm day. the fog is still kind of shallow. it is making a move inland here for some. not over the coastal hills but starting to bank up against some of the hills. we do see tropical clouds also southern sierra maybe san joaquin valley some may filter into the santa clara valley. i would think high clouds nothing else. 50s 60s on the temps. 58 concord. that's down about i think about 7 from yesterday. livermore low 60s. 58 redwood city. san jose 62.
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west-southwest fairfield. puff north at concord which is a little weird. southeast at napa that's usually a cooler direction and northwest oakland and west at 10 at sfo. sea breeze trying to establish itself. you can see some of the tropical clouds rotating around the high. system right there will start to dig into the pacific northwest and the cooling trend will extend inland. now, again, may take another day but it's on its way. still some upper 90s to near 100 well inland but as that system digs into the pacific northwest we'll see temperatures begin to plunge tomorrow and that will carry us into the end of the week and level out with 60s, 70s and 80s across the board. today some low clouds, fog. cool to hot. if you're closer to the coast it will be cooler. if you're further from it it will be hot. low 70s maybe near santa cruz. fog, sun, breezy conditions and wind and fog cranks up towards thursday and that will take us into the weekend. well, the tsunami that devastated japan could create more problems here. what is now headed our way.
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plus why the secret service now investigating the twitter account of fox news. good morning. on the sunol grade it looks good heading south. we'll tell you more about a crash in the peninsula when we come back.
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happening right now. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is holding a town hall meeting in new hampshire.
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you can see him there on the screen as he gets ready to take the microphone. the former massachusetts governor is considered the front runner along with the growing field of republican candidates. now in 2008 you might remember that romney lost out to senator john mccain for the republican nomination. he's been spending a lot of time in new hampshire, the state holding the first presidential primary. time now 5:13. the u.s. senate has been called back to washington d.c. from a holiday recess for negotiations on raising the nation's debt limit. ktvu's scott mcfar lane live in our washington d.c. newsroom with one potentially major development in the talks. >> reporter: potentially new major talks to medicare. we're seeing multiple reports this morning that the white house is offering to cut tens of billions of dollars from medicare and medicaid to get the votes needed to raise the debt ceiling. new york times reporting the money will be squeezed out of government payments to hospitals and to nursing homes primarily. in fact lobbiests for nursing hopes just sent out an alert to
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members saying washington is considering budget cuts in that industry cuts that would create "hardship for the frailest elders in the u.s.." but cuts to the so-called entitlement programs have been picking up momentum big time in recent weeks. >> we wish we could keep all the promises. we don't have the money to do it. i think it's an unfortunate situation to be in but i think people recognize that's the case. >> reporter: another sticking point as we get everyone back in washington d.c. whether there will be changes to tax codes. been talks of tax break for the horse industry for the corporate jet community. all negotiations resume in washington later this morning. live in washington, scott mcfar lane, ktvu channel 2 news. today a writer in france says she will file a complaint accusing the former head of the international monetary fund of trying to rape her nine years
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ago. currently dominique strauss- kahn is free on bail in new york after questions arose about the credibility of a hotel maid. the writer in france says surface can attacked her when she was interviewing him for a book. attorneys for surface can plan to file a slander complaint against the writer. another baseball superstar goes on trial tomorrow on felony charges tied to steroids. prosecutors say roger clemenss lied when he told a house committee under oath that he never used performance enhancing drugs. he's charged with perjury and five other felony counts. clemenss could go to prison if convicted. federal prosecutors are deciding whether to retry barry bonds on similar charges. the secret service now investigating the hacking of a fox news twitter page. one that falsely claimed that president obama had been assassinated. now hackers posted six tweets on the fox political account. they said the president had been shot to death while in
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iowa. that of course was not true. fox news called the tweets malicious. they want twitter to investigate. just hours ago a powerful earthquake rocked new zealand's north island. the u.s. gs reports a magnitude of 5.3 and could be felt as far away as wellington. however the big quake hit in a remote area. there are no reports of any deaths or damage. the tsunami that devastated japan back in march swept a sea of debris into the pacific ocean. now a new computer model shows that it is all headed towards the u.s. coast. the colored dots represent debris moving across the pacific. now scientists say that debris includes furniture, cars, even parts of homes. it's all expected to hit the u.s. in 2013 or 2014. scientists say it would take 6 ships working around the clock for one year to clean up that mess.
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time now 5:17. with the rising levels of the yellowstone river could make it harder for clean up crews in montana today. exfon mobile already said it will do whatever it takes to clean up the oil that spilled from one of its pipelines friday. the national weather service says the runoff from rapid snow melt could even push oil into areas that have already been cleaned up. marin county has been given some financial aid to reduce pollution runoff. the $1.4 million state grant will go to ducks bury reef and point raise head lands. money will improve the parking lot to filter pollution away from that reef. it will also finance projects to control sediment and build more fencing to keep out cattle. marin county supervisors say thisill help preserve california's coastline. well, time now 5:18. the lights are back on in morgan hill this morning after a 4th of july power outage. pg&e says more than 2400 customers lost power about 7:15 last night. pg&e says an equipment failure
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is to blame and most of the customers had their service back on before midnight. however, about nine customers will probably stay in the dark until about noontime today. all right. 5:18. let's check in with sal on traffic this morning. the tuesday morning commute. that's right. seems like a monday but it's tuesday. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. the traffic is still effected by a crash southbound 101 at highway 92. i'm listening to them looks like we still have a couple of lanes blocked there. watch for slow traffic only at the scene. move along to some live pictures westbound bay bridge traffic is light. no problems on the bridge. also the morning commute on 880 north and southbound that traffic is moving along nicely. now let's go back to steve. thank you, sal. >> you're welcome. >> all right. good morning. we have some low clouds making a little bit of a push. not a strong one. but the cooler breeze kicked in for some yesterday. it was cooler than sunday.
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even if you're well inland i know it's still hot. temperatures in the 90s for many. low clouds and fog it will kind of be a push today. if you're inland it will still be warm to hot. if you're by the coast it will be cool to nice. however you want to slice it. temperatures though will start to i think take a plunge on wednesday as the system digs into the north of us. fog there yesterday kind of get chewed up. that hanging around san mateo coast starting to come back now. water temperatures continue to be very cool with that heat in the valley doesn't take much but strong high pressure kind of putting a cap on things although sea breeze direction is definitely there just not that strong yet. i expect it to pick up a little bit. 50s and 60s these are running cooler than the last 24 hours ago. you can see some of that tropical clouds coming around the high in the southern sierra san joaquin valley some may have high clouds. system will start to move in pacific northwest as it carves itself out the high will move toward the middle of the country and allow inland areas to cool down but that will probably be wednesday. not today. the cooling will continue for
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some today. and i think tomorrow's the big drop and carry right into thursday. level it out and kind of hang out there as we go into the weekend which means 60s 70s and 8 0z. low clouds, fog, sunshine away from the coast. cool to warm to hot. there's a component of a westerly breeze. so 60s to 90s. could get another 40-degree spread some near the coast some don't get hardly any sea breeze at all. low clouds will be on the advance though and starting to thicken up here over the next couple days. we'll carry that to the end of the week and then looks like 50s, 60s by the coast. 70s 80s inland. european markets opened the day so far mixed ahead of our opening bell. overnight japan's closed up slightly to finish at a two month high. south korea also gained nearly 1% as semi-conductor and electronic companies surged. greece may still default on its debt. checking in on our numbers actually looks like a pretty good day ahead of some important economic news that will come out later on factory
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orders. the dow jones up 168 points on friday. markets all closed yesterday for the 4th of july holiday. but pretty good gains on friday and later this week there's some retail sales numbers that will come out. so could be a pretty busy week. crude oil prices are hovering around $95 a barrel as the u.s. dollar increases strength and making it more expensive for investors with other currencies. crude fell to nearly $90 a barrel last week after the international energy agency announced 60 million-barrels would be released from international reserves. one analyst blames investor confusion for the wide swings in the price of crude oil. all right. time now 5:22. the protesters clashing with police in san francisco. why police officers were called out to one building and the message the protesters are trying to send. and the one country scientists say is contributing to a big change in global
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temperatures. good morning. right now 237 traffic looking good as you cross the valley. more coming up.
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good morning. low clouds and fog continuing to march up the coast and also somewhat inland. it will still be a big difference in the temps though. 60s for some closer to the coast 70s and over the hill still low to mid-90s. time now 5:25.
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look at these amazing pictures. this is china this morning. two mud slides severely damaging a major highway in china. this was all triggered by several days of heavy rains. residents living nearby they've already been evacuated. the highway damage was a very important lifeline during that major quake that killed thousands of people three years ago. well, boston university scientists are blaming air pollution from china for changes in the global temperature. the researchers say there's a connection between the increase of sulfur in the atmosphere and global warming during this decade. the scientists connected the sulfur to the higher use of coal used by chinese industries. well, a group of squatters has taken over a vacant building in san francisco ice mission district. a chaotic scene broke out last night when police officers showed up. >> hey. hey. >> police arrested one man last night and charged him with
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resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. he's part of a group called homes not jail. they're trying to draw attention to the need for housing in the city by taking over a former hotel at 20th and mission. >> this particular property has been sitting vacant for over 19 years. there are 42 units of perfectly good housing upstairs. just been sitting vacant. >> homes not jail says it would like to see the board of supervisors push for a tax for property owners who leave house -- that leave housing units unoccupied for more than a year. all right. time now 5:27. a frightening experience on the american river. >> oh my god we are going to die. >> we talked to some of the rafters who survived after being thrown into the fast moving waters. >> reporter: friends and family of a uc berkeley phd candidate are asking for the public east help after the man went missing in the oakland hills. a live report coming up. first full day of jury
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deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. we're going to take you live to orlando for a look at the options they're debating. good morning. traffic on northbound 280 traffic getting up to highway 17 looks good. we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news tuesday july 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson for a little look at
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weather. is it going to be warm again this week? >> if you're inland it will be warm to hot today. temperatures came down yesterday coast and bay side and today's kind of very similar. i mean inland still some 90s but closer to the coast 60s 70s. fog is increasing. i think we'll see that sea breeze also start to show itself more for inland areas later today. here's sal. steve, right now traffic on highway 4 is okay here but we're getting some slow traffic already in the usual spots in eastern contra costa county near brentwood and antioch. also this morning we're looking at highway 80 westbound and the traffic looks good. now at 5:31 let's go back to the desk. all right. family and friends of a missing berkeley cyclist are turning to you for help. mike martin vanished saturday possibly while on a bike trip. ktvu's allie rasmus just spoke to the missing man's girlfriend. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. 29-year-old mike martin used to be a professional cyclist, so his girlfriend explained that he felt very comfortable on a bike and he would frequently
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ride this bike route through the berkeley-oakland hills. on saturday evening somebody found martin's cell phone on tunnel road. and on saturday night when martin never returned to his berkeley apartment his friends and family started to worry. he has not been seen by them since saturday. the missing cyclist is 6 feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes. he is a berkeley resident who was working on ahead, phd in physics at berkeley. he'd recently been working on how to fast and do liquid diets. she's concerned he may have been malnourished when he went cycling on thursday. >> i'm thinking about mike being injured. i mean he was a professional cyclist. yeah, he's proficient on a bike, but if he's not thinking clearly. if he doesn't have any energy, sometimes he's used to taking risk in a sense that none of us
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would take on a bike because he's so comfortable on a bike. >> reporter: now martin was last seen riding a fluorescent green and white road bike. he was wearing a blue and gray helmet. some white cycling shoes. some regular street clothes. and a blue mountain hardware backpack. anyone who may have recognized him or seen a cyclist like that going through the berkeley oakland hills is asked to give berkeley police a call. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the family of giants fan bryan stow has issued a new public statement. now it says he continues to show slow but steady signs of improvement three months after that brutal beating outside dodgers stadium. they say his fever is down and there are no signs of infections. family members say they make regular visits to stow's san francisco hospital room where they talk to him, play music and read get well cards from his many supporters. time now 5:33. a new lawsuit's been filed over the amtrak train crash that killed six people in the nevada
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desert. amtrak attendant sued the truck company involved in the crash and is also suing amtrak. dickerson accuses the truck company of negligence because one of its drivers failed to stop at the crossing slamming into that train. but she also says a locked door on one of the train cars blocked her initial escape route as she was trying to lead passengers out of that burning train. last week amtrak filed a lawsuit against that nevada trucking company involved in the crash. seven bay area rafters are now talking about their harrowing experience on the american river. >> oh my god. we are going to die. >> moments after that sound was captured by the helmet camera look at that, the raft flipped over in that fast moving water. all seven passengers were quickly swept downstream. >> started doing a head count and trying to get everyone out of the river. it's a big current high water, cold, there was just no place
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to get out. >> other rafters we spoke to say they struggled to stay in the middle of the river to try to avoid sharp boulders. finally the group made it to a calm spot in the river where they were able to get out. they say the experience was scary but they will raft again, just not any time soon. time now 5:34. richmond police increasing patrols after a deadly night over the holiday weekend. three men were killed in four separate shootings sunday night. all happened within three hours and four miles of each other. 19-year-old bailey and 26-year- old daryl duncan were killed in richmond. 28-year-old ray hudson jr. was killed in north richmond. so far no arrests have been made. san francisco firefighters are blaming illegal fireworks for a brush fire that burned about four acres. it started at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. firefighters contained it within minutes before the flames were able to reach a
5:36 am
nearby elementary school. firefighters say they were on alert all night for the possibility of more fireworks related incidents. dozens of people in rohnert park are homeless this morning after a fire destroyed their apartment building. that fire started just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon at a complex on commerce boulevard near arlen drive. the roof collapsed and it took firefighters two hours to bring that fire under control. no one was hurt, but a firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. time now 5:36. an autopsy will be performed today on the body of a woman that was found over the weekend in indiana. it may well be the missing college student they've been looking for. a family found the body in a creek outside of indianapolis. now police in the nearby town of bloomington are just waiting for word on identification. they've been searching for 20- year-old lauren spear for the
5:37 am
past month. police in the nearby town of noblesville have also been looking for 74-year-old dorothy murder. >> too early to determine if any of those missing cases are related to this case. >> the remains are said to be so badly decomposed the authorities can't even determine the age or race. well, today is the first full day of jury deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial in florida. our reporter jessica stone is in orlando now with more on the charges this jury is debating about. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, dave. and there are seven charges in all but a complex web of things for these jurors to consider. they just got back into the courtroom in the last 30 minutes. more than 400 pieces of evidence and casey anthony's life is in their hands. final words for the jury who will decide a florida mom's fate. casey anthony charged with her 2-year-old daughter caylee's murder. >> you should use your common sense in deciding which is the
5:38 am
best evidence and which evidence should not be relied upon in considering your verdict. >> reporter: until the rebuttal prosecutors gave the jurors a telling image to take with them. a photo of the tattoo casey got while her daughter was missing. it reads bell will vida beautiful life. the state suggested casey thought her life was better without casey. >> that's the only question you need to answer in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road dead. >> reporter: prosecutors hammered home casey's string of lies painting her as cold, calculating and manipulative. defense says her daughter died in the family swimming pool. >> we're going to ask you to render a verdict of not guilty on these charges because they simply were not proven. and they're simply not true. >> reporter: jurors deliberated
5:39 am
nearly six hours before judge perry dismissed them 30 minutes early for the july 4th holiday. >> okay. members of the jury you may be excused for the evening. >> reporter: in the last few minutes the jury was dismissed to begin deliberations. casey looked really animated talking to her defense attorneys just before the jury went back. they will consider all of this evidence as i said they have asked no questions as of yet, but two indications we'll be looking for whether they request certain pieces of testimony to be read back to them or certain pieces of video evidence to review. both will require them to come back to the courtroom. we'll know about that and be able to perhaps make a couple of guesses at what they might be looking at more closely to reach their verdict. back to you guys. >> a lot of people watching that case. thank you for that update. time now 5:39. check back in with sal for the commute here in the bay area. all right. right now we're looking at roads doing pretty well especially if you're driving
5:40 am
into your job at the silicon valley, traffic looks good. bay bridge oakland to san francisco very nice drive so far as you can see from our live camera network we're showing you nice traffic all the way across that span. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland near the coliseum and airport and the commute is looking good. if you're driving on the peninsula that earlier accident southbound 101 has been cleared. so it's actually on the shoulder now. they're getting some of the last vehicles away. san mateo, redwood city, palo alto 101 traffic looking good in both directions. 5:40 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. and for some it will be another day of fog dealing with some fog, low clouds. it peeled off yesterday kind of dave sunshine to most. little bit on the san mateo coast decided to hang around most of the day. a little component of a sea breeze. today it will be a little stronger. inland still in the 90s. we need another day really to get that cooler air to get over the coastal hills. looks like it will be helped along by a system digging into the pacific northwest.
5:41 am
that won't be until tomorrow. so today's 60s to 90s. westerly breeze though. it's frying to move in. there you can see some of that fog from yesterday now coming back and actually moving up the coast. yesterday it went down the coast. so there's plenty there. also some tropical clouds wrapping back around that high. gives some thunderstorm activities southern sierra, san joaquin valley down in the desert. for us maybe just a few high clouds. that would probably be off to the east and south. i don't think it's going to matter. 50s for some. 56 san rafael. oakland's in there. redwood city 58. low 60s concord 58 that's cooler than yesterday. fairfield 63. but they do have a slightly stronger west-southwest wind that's out of the west- southwest at 10. yesterday at this time it was only 8. i know. not that big a difference. cooling trend will extend inland just a wee bit. tomorrow inland areas will say now i feel it as that system begins to move in. today though is the weiner day. thursday and friday will settle in with a lot of 80s.
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west wind establishing itself low clouds and fog continue to thicken up. cool for some. nice for others, warm and getting warmer to hot. upper 50s, 60s if you're stuck in the soup to 90s mid-90s or even upper 90s if you're far enough away from the coast. fog cooler weather going to win out and take us into the weekend. all right. time now 5:41. watching the airport tsa agents, who's now trying to prevent controversial airport pat downs. and a woman in mexico could soon be joining her husband behind bars. the tight squeeze the husband took in an unusual prison break attempt. good morning if you're driving on highway 4 heading out to concord right now looks pretty good. as you can see tell you more about the morning commute and where it is beginning to get slow.
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good morning. we do have some low clouds and fog, but it's not making any push inland. it will still be hot there with 90s, mid-the 0s make upper 9 0z. by the coast 60s and 70s. all right. welcome wac. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following right now at 5:44. family members and friends of a missing berkeley cyclist want your help this morning. they want to find him. 29-year-old mike martin vanished saturday possibly while on a bike ride in the east bay hills. he's a scientist and a former professional cyclist. overnight firefighters were busy. they were chasing and putting out grass fires in contra costa county. there's no word what sparked these fires but witnesses tell us here at ktvu there was a lot of illegal firework activity in the area last night. search and rescue efforts continue today for the seven american fishermen still
5:46 am
missing after their boat sank into the gulf of california. 27 fishermen were on board the boat when it went down during a sunday morning storm. at least one person is confirmed dead. all but one of the fishermen are from northern california. some are worried the federal aviation administration's plans have created new air traffic control system is moving too slow. however the airline industry is hesitating over the cost of equipping planes with new technology and federal money's tight. the gps based system is expected to cost more than $40 billion. the f.a.a. says it will save time and fuel as well as money by allowing for direct routes. there's a new fight underway to stop these controversial pat downs by tsa agents at airports. the chair of florida's libertarian party is now calling for sheriff's offices to stop the body searches and the use of body scans. he wants florida tsa agents to
5:47 am
be monitored by sheriff deputies and warned not to carry out pat downs. >> these are indiscriminate. these are random and they're acute violations of the fourth amendment to the united states constitution. >> the libertarian party is demanding that tsa agents who conduct the full body pat downs be charged with sexual battery. they say if the federal government won't put a stop to it, then it's up to local law enforcement. researchers at ucsf and stanford have released a surprising new study on autism. they found a mother's age and health play a far more important role in causing the developmental disorder than previously thought. earlier research had suggested that autism was highly inheritable with genetics accounting for roughly nine out of every ten cases. autism is now thought to effect as many as 1% of all u.s. children. time now 5:47. berkeley's green science policy institute is warning fire retardants may cause more harm
5:48 am
than good. car seats are just one of the products that contain flame retardant chemicals which is required by california law. scientists say they offer very little protection and according to the research there's evidence chemicals found in flame retardants connected to lower iqs in children as well as other health issues. green science is pushing for new standards that will provide safety without using harmful chemicals. a prison break in mexico turned into a tight squeeze for one man behind bars. police say a woman tried to walk out of prison with her husband in a suitcase. here you can see him. it happened yesterday following a conjugal visit. prison guards noticed the woman seemed nervous. they also said the suitcase looked a bit bulky. the husband is serving a 20 year sentence for possessing illegal weapons. the wife now faces charges as well. >> nice idea for a moment. okay. time now 54:00. let's check in with sal. how are we looking out there,
5:49 am
sal? >> we're looking okay. looking at some of these things we can see here on live camera 280 northbound looks pretty good getting up into the valley. no problems into sunny vale. also this morning looking at interstate 880 in oakland. that's a very nice looking drive. hoping to have an easy tuesday as a lot of people are coming off pretty pleasant 4th of july i'd say. westbound bay bridge traffic is looking good at the toll plaza. here's steve. all right, sal, thank you. low clouds moving inland but for those away from the coast it will take another day. some very warm air aloft. some higher elevations get up about 2,000 feet it's in the 70s and 80s. at the surface lows look like they're running about two to four degrees cooler. there's a definite what we call cap on things right now. it's going to take another day to lift that. low clouds, clearer for some. 58 to 84 by noon by the coast and some of that fog it will be maybe a little tough to get going out of the gray. inland won't take long to start
5:50 am
warming up. although overnight lows are running a little cooler. i think very close to what we had yesterday. some of that tropical cloudiness also kind of flirting with the southern sierra and central sierra. fog goes down the coast yesterday and coming back up. went north to south yesterday and south to north today. that's usually a cooler direction for many. yesterday cooled off. north bay cooled off as well. still in the 80s inland areas east bay lots of 0s santa clara valley as well f. you're far enough away from the marine influence still up to 90s. system digging out of the gulf of alaska will be here tomorrow. today's the in between day. cooling trend extends for some that maybe didn't get it yesterday it's still going to be hot but the trend now bringing those temperatures down heading south. and i think tomorrow will be the big plunge or drop. we'll just level out as we head into the weekend. fog, low clouds, sun, cool for some. nice for others. mild, warm to hot. 90s for a few. low, mid to maybe even upper.
5:51 am
as you get back towards the bay 60s, 70s or upper 70s and very low 8 0z. cooler weather looks like it's going to win out here. that will take us into thursday and right into a big difference in the weekend coming up versus the one we just had much cooler temperatures. well, the chinese search company says it will use microsoft's bing for some english language results. microsoft is not announcing financial details of the new partnership. china has the world's biggest population of internet users with more than 450 million people online. it has been looking for possible expansion abroad but neither company will say if their deal will extend beyond china's borders. google has temporarily shut down its search engine feature that allows users to find realtime updates from twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. google posted a message saying its realtime feature is being disabled while google explores how to incorporate its recently launched google plus into the feature. google plus is the search
5:52 am
giant's latest attempt to enter the social networking segment of the internet. video game makers are trying to reverse sales slumped by getting players more involved in the game. game makers are creating characters that evolve based on their experience within the game. players are asked to make choices including moral decisions that can change the way the game's played. one example is the new star wars game that will have 20 different endings. literally a billion routes to get to the end of the game. >> wow. >> sounds cool. time now 5:52. the sky was the limit for a fantastic 4th of july fireworks show. in san francisco all over the bay area how fireworks combined with the weather to make it a holiday to remember. plus why this man claims he's the real king of the hot dog eating contest. [ cheering and applause ] it's really delicious, mom.
5:53 am
5:54 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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well, we are following overnight news from boston. take a look. crews are still on the scene of a fire that broke out on the barge that was used for the city's 4th of july fire show. the fire actually started after -- hours after the big fireworks display ended. no reports of any injuries though. investigators are still trying to determine exactly how that fire started. a huge crowd enjoyed a
5:56 am
spectacular 4th of july fireworks show on san francisco's waterfront. that's because this year it was fog free. tens of thousands of people enjoyed an awesome fireworks display under clear summer skies. everyone agreed it was a great way to celebrate america's birthday. >> the fireworks just does it for you. every time you look at them you see freedom and sparks you want in life you know. >> san francisco's waterfront is one of the few places left in the bay area where you can still enjoy a big fireworks show for free. several bay area cities have recently canceled their shows due to budget cut backs. time now 5:56. a san jose man did it again, winning an annual 4th of july tradition. >> with 62 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes, it's joey
5:57 am
chestnut. >> there's joey. who's the guy in the red there? joey chestnut won nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island, new york. the fifth year in a row he's won. 62 hot dogs he ate. but that's still six shy of his world record. now chestnut's hot dog rival held his own contest in manhattan. he ate 69 hot dogs in ten minutes. now it's not official because he refuses to sign a contract with major league eating. he says he just wanted to show everybody he's still the man. he's so good at what he does. by the way he won six straight nathan's contest titles between 2001 and 2006. i can't even watch. it makes me gag even watching it. i can't believe those guys. coming up on 6:00. sal, how's the commute? well, we have something close to the nimitz freeway that's causing some smoke up in the air. news chopper 2 has a fire outside. this is news chopper 2 outside
5:58 am
on 45th avenue near high street. this is the smoke rising into the air. a couple of old cars and a fence on fire here behind what looks like a tow yard. we'll let you know more about this and what it's doing to the nearby neighborhood. pull out will you? you can see actually he's pushing in the fire seems to be contained. now let's go back to you guys. all right. time now 5:57. some bay area men lucky to be alive and be among the survivors after a fishing boat sinks in mexico. however several american tourists are still missing. the frantic search to find them as the investigation of this disaster at sea continues. plus searching for a missing bay area cyclist. why you're now being asked to help find him. good morning. we have some fog increasing for some but it will still be a hot day inland. when will the temperatures cool? i'll have that coming up. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend?
5:59 am
only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.


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